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The Executives’ Association of the San Fernando Valley (EASFV), founded in 1978, is part of an international business networking association (www.ieaweb.com), which was formed in San Francisco in 1916 and currently exists in more than 100 cities across four continents. Members’ mutual trust evolves naturally from our weekly meetings and working with each other. We accept only those members who exhibit the highest level of integrity and business ethics within the organization and community. Recommendations of members’ products and services are done with confidence.

The EASFV exchanges well over 5,000 leads and referrals yearly, resulting in several million dollars in business annually. It is, therefore, not surprising that over half of the member firms have been with the EASFV for over a decade.

EASFV members are owners or decision makers of companies with solid reputations for providing quality services and goods. Their business integrity is a credit to the EASFV and the community. They are the kind of companies you want to do business with.


The purpose of the Executives’ Association of the San Fernando Valley is to enrich its member firms through the exchange of business leads, expertise and the opportunity to share ideas and experiences.

Each member firm shall be willing to assist each other to obtain business by means of referrals, recommendations or, whenever possible, by personal introductions.

Each member firm shall subscribe to the concept of ‘Safe Harbor’ wherein each firm will extend courtesy, honesty and the highest quality of service to all.

Through the implementation of the above, the Executives’ Association of the San Fernando Valley shall continue to be the most effective networking organization in America.

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